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"but why do you even like classic rock its so shi-"


does anyone ever actually say this, or was this made by someone who wants to feel special for liking some of the most commonly liked bands in the world

excuse me? no i dont fucking feel special it was made because its something people i know have said to me. 

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Ringo at Sunny Heights, 31 May 1966. Photo by Leslie Bryce, scan from Beatles Book Monthly No. 164.


John Lennon on Not Only…But Also, 1965

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25/∞ | World’s Top Life Ruiners - James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix [x]

~~Special Birthday Photoset~~

Happy Birthday to the musical God and legend, R.I.P. babe <3

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ayy lmao 

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Pink Floyd, 1967




Every time i listen to this song i swear i hear caca lol is it just me or do any of you do too?

Every. Single. Time.

well that might be because uh… as roger said, they never changed the lyric… as in the left radio ca ca in for some of the lines

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